D.I.Y Photo Booth Party!

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D.I.Y photo booth party!


Photo booths are the in thing now at parties, weddings, Christenings and gatherings alike. However the cost of hiring a professional photo booth can be extortionate! Here we have some simple tips on making your own quick, easy & most importantly cost efficient photo booth!


  1. Inflatable accessories! We have tons of assorted inflatables for sale, however we suggest these 3:


Fancy dress inflatable photo booth guitars

Inflatable fancy dress prop tommy gun

      2. Add a fancy dress hat. We recommend this Australian bush hat! (£5.99)

Australian khaki bush hat with corks

       3. Don't forget the inflatable frame! Also available in pink (£4.49)

Gold photo booth inflatable frame

       4. Last but not least throw in this simple (but effective) red nose. £1.99

Red foam sponge nose

These accessories should provide you with enough ammo to create your own photo booth on a budget. The total cost would be £26.94! As appose to hundreds of pounds spent to have someone bring you these props or similar. You don't have to use the props suggested though, be sure to mix it up! Add in some ties & braces or perhaps some glasses.     

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