3 World Book Week Accessories Under £5!

Posted by Jake Leary on

We know that having children can be expensive. World book week is coming up and you need to get your child a costume! We have listed 3 quick and simple accessories that can be matched with simple clothing to create a book character costume.


1. Green Ogre ears!


This is an extremely quick and simple solution and for less than £3! Simply match these green Ogre ears with a white t-shirt and some brown pants and you have an instant book character.

Green Shrek ogre fancy dress ears

2. Donkey Ears and Tail!


Great to match a friend with the ogre ears! Simply dress in all grey, add in the ears and tail combo and you now have a book characters companion donkey! For less than £5 this is quick, easy and cost effective!

Donkey ears and tail fancy dress set

3. Wizard wand and glasses!


Simplicity is brilliant! A wand a and a pair of glasses. Match with a school uniform and your child is now the most infamous book wizard on the planet! Less than £4 for the set.

Harry potter wizard wand and glasses Hogwarts

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