3 Iconic Halloween Costumes

Posted by Jake Leary on

Halloween is upon us!


Spare yourself the time of searching the high streets for a costume & beat the rush this year with these 3 Iconic Halloween costumes:


  1. Red & Green Slasher Costume! This costume dates back to the 80's and is sure to strike fear into your costume party. The set comes complete with; a brown / tan explorer style hat, a striped red & green jumper and the infamous claw glove. Full set - £14.99                                           

  2. Psycho Killer Boiler Suit! Look the part with this awesome, blood splattered boiler suit. Quick & easy fancy dress costume. Mask & Knife sold separately - £19.99

  3. Couples Costume! Evil Jesters! Clowns & Jesters have become the 'in-scare' costume recently and what better way to scare your Halloween party with these awesome evil Jester costumes. - £14.99 per costume.

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